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Are you being sued?

When you receive the Planitiff's Claim, you shoule be aware of being sued in Small Claims Court. You only have 20 canlendar days to file a Defence. If you fail to file a defence, the court may note you in default and enter default judgement, which means that you are liable for the money alledged to be owed even without a trial or hearing. It will take you more time and money to set aside default judgement by filing a motion. 

When you are served with a claim, read it carefully. The fact of the claim will tell you who are suing you, why being sued, and which court the action was started. You can determine which of following options is appropiate for your case:

  1. You can dispute the entire claim;

  2. If you admit that you owe the money, you still need to file a defence to make a proposal of terms of payment or ask a hearing for terms of payment.

  3. If you want to dispute part of the claim, you need to file a defence to make a proposal of terms of payment of that part of the claim, and defend the remainder of the claim.

Don't ignore the claim that you received because it may bring serious consequence. Please contact us for free 30 mintutes' consultation, and we can make sure that your defence is organized properly and worded professionally to build better case.

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