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​Traffic Tickets

Most charges prosecuted in provicial offences court have been laid under the Highway Traffic Act (HTA). HTA offences may be charged by a police officer. You might receive a traffic ticket while being pulled over by a police officer or being involved in a car accident. 

When you received a ticket other than a summon, you have several options:

  • Payment out of court

  • Early resolution with the prosecutor

  • Intention to appear

  • Failure to response

If you are convicted, you must pay a fine plus costs and a victim fine surcharge, which a judge has discretion to impose. The conviction will be registered on your driving record for three years. If demerit points are associated with the offence, they will remain on your record for two years  from the date of the offence. There is also a risk that your insurance premiums may increase depend on the policy and procedure of insurance company. 

If you got a ticket, do not be panic. You can call us for free 30 mins consultant , and we will give you right advice regarding to your case. 

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