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Consumer protection

Did you received a ridiculous expensive bill from​ a towing and storage company who towed your vehicle away from accident scene and never contacted you?

Did you sign an unreasonable high-rate rent contract wtih door-to-door salesperson to replace your furnace or water heater subject to high pressure sales tactics?

Had you been misled by a sales person or deceptive advertisement?

Did you receive a defective product after you made full payment?

Since there is unbalanced bargin power beteen individual consumer and business, Ontario government enforces laws to protect the consumer rights from unfair business practices. 

If you have a complaint against a business realted to unfair business practice, you can file a complaint with the Consumer Protection Branch of the Ministry of Government and Consumer services. Or you can choose to sue the business in court for the damages you have been suffered.  


Please contact us for free 30 mintutes' consultation, and we can find out whether you have merit to start a action, and prepare your case in a professional way. 

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