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Contract Dispute

Contract disputes appears frequently in Small Claims Court of Ontario. There are two major categories of contract disputes. One is just simple collection matters, the other is about breach of contract, which may be more complicated. 

Collection matters are very common in Small Claims Court. In a typical collection action, the defendant normally has no defence to the dispute and almost never appears. The Plaintiff just followed the process and advances an overdue bill to a enforceable court judgement. The collection plaintiff should prove that a contract was made, and he or she perfomed the end of contract.

Contractual disputes are more complicated than collection matter. In Ontario, most of contract dispute cases are home renovation disputes. Both parties may often disoute the heart of the case: the terms of the contract, or some may argue that the agreement was never reached.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             If you need to execute a successful case regarding to contractual dispute, please contact us for free 30 mintutes' consultation, and we can make sure that your case is with merit. 

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