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FAQ for Tenants

What can I do if the landlord refuse to repair the unit?

It is the landlord's responsibility to make sure that the property is kept in a good state of repair, is fit to live in, and meets all the health and safety standards that apply.

If you have a repair problem with rental unit, you should talk to your landlord, superintendent or property manager immediately. You should ask them in writing to fix the problem and keep a copy of this letter for yourself. The landlord will need to fix the problem within a reasonable time.

Both the landlord and tenant have responsibilities when it comes to fixing this problem. The landlord may have to arrange to repair and the tenant may have to do some work, such as helping prepare the unit for the work or taking steps prevent the problem from happening again.

If your landlord doesn't fix the problem after you have told the landlord about it you can:

  • contact your municipality to ask for municipal standards and by-laws regarding your particular issue, or health departments;

  • file an application about maintenance (form T6) with the LTB. The LTB will then schedule a hearing where both the landlord and tenant can provide evidence about the problem.

What can I do if the landlord entered my unit without notice?

Your landlord is only allowed to enter your rental unit without notice if it's in cases of emergency or with your consent. Your landlord may enter a  rental unit in accordance with written notice given to you at least 24 hours before the time of entry in order to carry out repair, inspection, or to do work in the unit. 

What can I do if I want to end the tenancy early?

If you want to move out early, you need to talk to your landord and make an agreement first. If you can't make deal, you can ask landlord to approve assignment to other person. If the landlord refuse the assignment or fail to respond your request, you can file an application to the LTB to end the tenancy in advance. 

What can I do if my landlord does not turn on the heat?

If the landlord is responsible for providing heat and the landlord does not keep the unit heated to at least to 20 degrees Celsius from September 1 to June 15, you can call the Rental Housing Enforcement Unit, of the Ministry of Housing at 1-888-772-9277 or 416-585-7214. By not providing a vital service, the landlord may be committing an offence.

The Rental Housing Enforcement Unit can:

  • arrange for an inspection of the property for any maintenance standard violations, and

  • issue a provincial work order that requires the landlord to make repairs by a deadline.

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